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Confidence is key to a winning look, and our collection of bra accessories offers clever wardrobe solutions, whatever your outfit. You’ll find everything from stick-on bras and nipple covers to fashion tape and clear bra straps. Get ready to banish those nip slip worries and get prepared for whatever you want to wear with our selection of nipple covers.

Creating a smooth and discreet look under any outfit, nipple covers are a thing of the future and are now essential in every lingerie collection. Shop everything from soft silicones, subtle lace covers, in a range of neutral hues for every skin color. Nipple covers aren’t just for smoothing your look. Make a bold statement with a pair of novelty sequined nipple pasties. Choose a color and a shape to suit you and get ready to enhance you're going outlook.

One thing is for sure, nipple covers are a girl's best friend.
Nipples covers or Nippies are among the essential accessories to enhance your body and especially your breasts. Coming from the burlesque show, nipples covers were used to circumvent censorship. Discover our wide selection of Nippies. The adhesives Nippies are also a good alternative for women who do not like to wear a bra but wish to hide a possible erection of the end of their tits. Buy your nipples-covers or Nippies today CharmsChic.

Nippe Covers

Glitter Heart Nippe Covers With Tassel

AED. 49.00