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What makes CharmsChic boyshorts so amazing? They can be comfy and cute or mindlessly sexy. Boyshort panties are available in your favorite everyday styles and your favorite sexier designs.

Get a little cheeky. Women's boyshorts underwear is the ladylike version of his favorite boxer-briefs. Boyshort panties have a longer cut for more coverage and an ideal fit that stays in place under every kind of bottoms. There’s no panty shape quite as comfy yet sexy as the boyshorts.

These undies feature a shortie-style silhouette that covers most of the butt, making them a perfect option for both lingerie and practical applications. Although boyshorts provide more coverage than other types of panties, they’re still a super-popular pick for ladies who love sexy underwear.

The full- or semi-coverage backside makes them excellent for highlighting the booty and hips. CharmsChic has the cutest boyshorts panties ever, including everything from sexy, lingerie-inspired styles to fun novelty options.


Girl Sport Cotton Boyshorts

AED. 53.00

Fashion Lace Wavy Side Shorties Sexy Panties

AED. 69.80

Erotic Sheer Lace Trim Shorties Sexy Panties

AED. 72.00

Sexy Sheer Lace Shorties Hot Panties

AED. 94.00

Cute Mid-Waist Sheer Shorties Sexy Panties (3 Suits)

AED. 99.00